Ron Waddams

Ron Waddams (1920-2010) was a British painter. His work featured swooping, colorful figures, reminiscent of Miró and Matisse, while his themes centered around spiritual and social concerns, especially non-violence. The paintings are in acrylic on a hardwood base. A latecomer, Waddams spent most of his career as a graphic designer and became a professional artist only after he retired. His paintings are now displayed at the Palestinian Mission in London and the Bridgeman Art Library, among other sites.

Waddams was an attender at Jordans (BrYM) Meeting for many years, finally becoming a member in 1978. He first exhibited his paintings at the Jordans Meetinghouse. The Larren Art Trust now oversees his works, using any income to benefit the Friends Peace Testimony and the United Nations Association UK Trust.

I loved Ron Waddams’ paintings. It was difficult to choose just one to share. Finally, I picked out two: “Live Adventurously” (left), based on a British Quaker saying, and “Jordans Quaker Meeting 2” (right). This is fine art.

Gary Sandman

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