What’s New

July 2, 2024: A piece on the novel The Secret Room has been added for the July 2024 column in Quaker Artists 3.  Please note: I have just received an order of 100 Quaker Artists books from my printer.  They’re waiting for new homes!meetinghouse

I plan to add a new Quaker Artists 3 column monthly.  Feel free to send me leads on new art and artists.  I’m always interested.

I have also built a list of links to other Quaker websites.  Find them on the Links page.

If you would like to join an email list to get the new Quaker Artist columns, please email me at garysandman@cox.net.  I don’t anticipate sending out much so you won’t be swamped!  You can also find them on the Facebook page for Quaker Artists History at https://www.facebook.com/quakerartisthistory/?fref=ts.

It’s been a while since I’ve added entries to the blog.  But I hope to resume in the near future.

A page has also been added: a list of quotes about Friendly art and artists.


(Photo above is the Hopewell Centre Meetinghouse from the “Meetinghouses” entry in Quaker Artists).