Quaker Meeting Game

“Quaker Meeting” is a children’s game.  The leader starts by reciting a rhyme: “Quaker Meeting has begun/no more talking/no more fun/no more chewing gum”.  (Several versions of the rhyme exist).  The leader whispers into the ears of the participants, one by one, instructing them to perform a silly task, such as crawling around while grunting like a pig or kissing all the furniture.  When the leader calls upon a participant, they act silly.  The other participants who smile or laugh or make any sort of sound have to drop out of the game.  Versions of “Quaker Meeting” began to appear in books of games in the 19th century.  It is a variant of the “Quiet Game”.

“Quaker Meeting” is, of course, a gentle poke of fun at Friends silent Meeting for Worship.

Gary Sandman

May 2024

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