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Quaker Bonnet flowers



  • that Judi Dench, James Michener and Annie Oakley were Quakers?front
  • that Joan Baez, Ben Kingsley and F. Murray Abrahams have attended Friends Meeting?
  • that Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt and James Dean were raised Quakers?
  • that Popeye the Quaker Man, a Quaker Tapestry and Quaker stained glass exists?
  • that Bolivian Friends, Rwandan Friends and Chinese Friends art exists?
  • that Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman were influenced by Friends?
  • that William Penn and Margaret Fell wrote poetry?

The second edition of the book Quaker Artists contains the stories of the above artists and more: 286 reviews in all, a history of Friends, a history of Quaker art, study questions, artist’s queries, 44 reproductions of the artists’ works, 51 illustrations, a bibliography, an alphabetical index and an artist’s index. The period covered is 1659 to 2015. Friends from 18 different countries are included. Poets, painters, dancers, musicians, films and 13 other categories are included. (It is three times the size of the first edition!)

Quaker Artists is an entertaining and celebratory read in itself but it has other uses, too: as a resource for study groups, a reference for libraries and a curriculum for First Day Schools.

Gary Sandman, a member of Roanoke Meeting in Roanoke, Virginia, is the author of the second edition of Quaker Artists.  To purchase, send check or money order to 214 Summit Way SW, Roanoke VA 24014.   You can also buy the second edition of Quaker Artists by using the Paypal link in the sidebar on this site.

Paperback, 287 pages: $21.  Ebook: $6 

(Please note: cost for postage for mailing overseas is about $23.  Cost for book then would be $41.  Ebooks would remain $6).


Please note: I have just received an order of 100 Quaker Artists books from my printer.  They’re waiting for new homes!


I have continued writing about Quaker art and artists monthly since the publication of the second edition of Quaker Artists.  I have covered:  Emmylou Harris, Mary Vaux Walcott, Drunk History, Harold Loukes, Willem Sewel, Quaker Dream Writings, Josiah Coale, Cecily Wood, Douglas Steere, John Perkin, and Ann Docwra, Path to War, Sally Campbell, Blair Seitz, John Maynard and more.  You will find them on the Quaker Artists 3 page.  The columns may also be found on my Facebook page for Quaker Artists History at https://www.facebook.com/quakerartisthistory/?fref=ts.  Feel free to send me leads on new art and artists.  I’m always interested!

Contact me here.

Please note: Quaker Bonnet flowers were the inspiration for the cover of Quaker Artists.  The picture of them above was found at the Flickr at http://www.gardenershq.com/Hedyotis-Quaker-bonnets.php.

5 thoughts on “Welcome, Friends!”

    1. Hi, Eddie,

      I’m not sure I responded to your interest in Quaker Artists. (You had sent me an email about my Quaker Artists Book). Yeah, it’s an interesting subject. And there are several other Quaker actors, like Ben Kingsley and F. Murray Abraham. If you’re interested in Friends, a good place to checkout is quaker.org. And a good place to find a Quaker Meeting is at quakerfinder.org. As it’s a very experiential religion, there’s no substitute for experiencing the Meeting for Worship.


      Eddie writes:

      I do not know much about Quakers, but your info has made me interested in learning more, thank you. I am a big fan of Judi Dench and James Dean.

  1. Gary,

    I attend Plainfield Monthly Meeting in Plainfield Vermont, USA.

    Your second book advertisementreads reads

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