Genesis Chapman

Genesis Chapman (b. 1970) is a painter of the natural world. His work focuses on Bent Mountain, Virginia, where he was raised, and his goal is to genesis4highlight the changes to that area. He depicts its rocks, air, flora and fauna and, an important element for him, water. (Bottom Creek is a particular interest). The medium he uses is India ink on Yupo paper. Because of his love for Bent Mountain, a recent concern for Genesis has been the genesis5Mountain Valley Pipeline. His work regarding the MVP and other pipelines across the United States focuses on fire and smoke and employs bright inks. He has also constructed intricate wooden puzzles of animals, real and mythical. Genesis has had exhibitions at galleries in Kansas, Virginia and New York. In 2018 he was the first winner of the Taubman Museum’s “Homeward Bound” triennial.

Genesis has attended Roanoke (BYM) Meeting as well as Floyd and Richmond Meetings. He says he identifies as being “basically Quaker”. Friendly influence is reflected with the way he sits in quiet meditation to create his work. It is present in the simplicity of his drawings. It is also mirrored by his tendency to use shades of grey, traditionally a Quaker color, in his art. Finally, he finds deep spiritual comfort and something eternally present in nature.

I loved Genesis’s work. His water drawings were exquisite, especially “Cold Tub, Kettle Holes, Bent Mountain, Va”. As an artist, I adore color, so it was a revelation for me to study these black-and-white drawings. This is a greatly-talented painter.

Below is “Cold Tub, Kettle Holes, Bent Mountain, Va” as well as a photo of the artist.

Gary Sandman

February 2019

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