A Drawing of a Seeker

A drawing of a Seeker appeared on the frontispiece of Ephraim Pagitt’s Heresiography in 1645.  A second version was included in the book’s sixth edition. 

The Seekers were the precursors to the Quakers.  They were founded by Bartholomew, Walter and Thomas Legate in London about 1605, though their roots probably lay further back in Holland and Germany.  Seeker groups existed in London, Bristol and in Cumberland and Westmorland counties in the north of England.  When George Fox encountered them in the late 1640’s, they were waiting for a prophet to lead them.  The Seekers were inspired by Fox’s preaching and formed the core of the new Quaker movement.  Friends adopted the Seeker practice of silent worship.  (In other words, Quakers did not create Meeting for Worship).

Ephraim Pagitt (c. 1575-1647) was a Presbyterian minister, theologian and writer.  His Heresiography is a catalog of the minor religious sects in mid-17th century England. 

I thought the Seeker drawing was charming.  I liked his friendly smile and the way he doffed his hat.

Gary Sandman

April 2021

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