John Perkin

John Perkin (d. 2012) was a painter of acrylics on board. His work was focused on john perkinlandscapes and community scenes. Transparency, that is, one appeared to see objects in the background through those in the foreground, was featured prominently in his paintings. Color and pattern were also a hallmark. Perkin often painted subjects sparked by Newbury, his home, and by his travels. He also created prints and sculptures. He was especially interested in light, visually and scientifically. Solo and groups shows were held in Berkshire and London. He graduated from Hertfordshire College of Art and Design and previously had been a research physicist.

Perkin was a member of Newbury (BrYM) Meeting. During his last years he produced about a dozen paintings of Meeting for Worship (Charney Solar, Centring Down, Silent Meeting, Meeting in the Park, etc.) Many of them hang at sites like Friends House on Euston Road, Woodbrooke College, Swarthmore Hall and Charney Manor. An exhibition of them was staged at Friends House on Euston Road, and some pieces were included in the Quaker Arts Network calendar Inspired by Worship.

I found Perkin’s Quaker paintings to be extraordinary. They reflect the attentiveness of Meeting for Worship perfectly. His use of transparency suggests the mystical dimension in his work. Centring Down (above), in particular, is marvelous.

February 2016


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  1. I have two of John’s paintings each purchased from him in 2009. One of a local riverside pub scene – The Lock Stock and Barrel on a Bank Holiday. It’s great picture and instantly recognisable as one of his works. The other is one of a hilly landscape in The Lake District, I recall that John said it is the location of an early Quaker meeting place albeit outside.
    I got to know John a little as he frequently volunteered for the local community as a driver.
    Garry Poulson

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