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  1. Hi Gary,
    thanks for letting us know about the book- Lulu is not our favourite publisher as its hard/impossible to get bookshop trade terms on anything they publish. With their shipping costs we often as not have to pay more than the selling price for copies if we go direct to them.

    Hopefully we can get some via you at better terms as it sounds like a book we should have and the gathering is just weeks away our best sales opportunity.

  2. Gary,
    Are you aware of singer/songwriter Carrie Newcomer? She is either a member or attender of Bloomington Friends Meeting (Indiana), clearly self-identifies herself as a Quaker and has close ties with Quakers in Indiana and elsewhere. She tours extensively in the US and internationally. She is wonderful and you should look her up on the internet if you do not already know of her!
    David Edinger, West Richmond Friends Meeting, Richmond,IN

  3. Hi:
    I am on the Board of Fellowship of the Arts and in charge of membership. I was just entering your information in the data base.
    I appreciate your writing about Quaker artists! Do you have any information on Harold Weston, a Quaker, I believe, who was a painter and activists? I would like to research his life and write an article for Types and Shadows.

  4. Hope you enjoy my website.

    I was disappointed that your book was not well illustrated. Now, on your website, you can remedy that. Unlimited space! Full color!

    A search feature on you site would be welcome. For instance, I would like to search on “Emmy Lou Harris”…

    Do you know Dick Kelly (son of Thomas Kelly) in Vassalboro, ME? He also collects data about Quaker artists. He was a classmate of mine at Westtown.

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